Subject: RE: popclient software for NetBSD, where?
To: '' <>
From: John Maier <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/06/1996 09:35:00
Try, I will put popclient out there.

I got it off of one of the Linux sites and hacked it
to additionally support some additional parameters.

I liked the original program but it didn't support some
features I needed to make a mail relay for a diplomacy judge,
I setup. (The first diplomacy judge to run on NetBSD, that the
diplomacy development group knows of)

There will be a README.ALSO file, in the archive, explaining
my extensions.


From:  owner-current-users
Sent:  Friday, September 06, 1996 3:43 PM
To:  dolecek
Cc:  current-users
Subject:  popclient software for netbsd, where?

I am looking for a popclient software for
netbsd. I have such that for amiga from but now want it for i386 and
unfortunatly didnt find the sources..
xarchie only finds pop3miniclient.tar.gz which is
not exactly what i want (no options).
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