Subject: More about the recent panic
To: Current Users <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/04/1996 21:09:28
Here's what gdb has to say about the panic I.. er, my machine had:

panic: locking against myself
#0  0xf801dbe4 in mi_switch ()
#1  0xf80d4578 in boot ()
#2  0xf801fda8 in panic ()
#3  0xf80aad70 in ufs_lock ()
#4  0xf80b7380 in vnode_pager_uncache ()
#5  0xf80b6edc in vm_allocate_with_pager ()
#6  0xf80b57a0 in vm_pager_get_pages ()
#7  0xf80b5828 in vm_pager_get ()
#8  0xf80ada6c in vm_fault ()
#9  0xf80da630 in mem_access_fault ()
#10 0xf80052fc in kernel_text ()
#11 0xf80064a4 in copyout ()
#12 0xf80a38f4 in ffs_write ()
#13 0xf803e1ac in vn_write ()
#14 0xf80215d8 in sys_write ()
#15 0xf80dab20 in syscall ()
#16 0xf8005530 in kernel_text ()

Again, I'm not using _anything_ but FFS and NFS.  When the panic occurred,
I was installing psutils (but had set the 'include' directory to
/tmp/psutils, where the source was).  When it started installing the two
PS files the system paniced.  I think it had something to do with the
fact that the files to be installed were in the same directory where it
was trying to install them.

I'll try to reproduce the problem sometime later (can't take this system
down again now).



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