Subject: Re: Anyone working on NTFS support?
To: Wolfgang Solfrank <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/30/1996 13:07:47
> > (Note, by the way, that NT and Win95 mangle long names differently!!!)
> What makes you think that NT and Win96 mangle long names differently? There
> is no difference (as far as I can tell from quite a few experiments) in the
> way these are handled.

Microsoft makes me think that :-).  There's a note in the most recent
Developer Network News which I reproduce here.  (This may be NT 4.0
specific, as I wasn't able to reproduce the described behavior on
3.51; I'll see if I can find someone around here who has upgraded to
4.0 and try it out.)

Testing Windows 95 Applications with Windows NT 4.0
Tip 9: Short filenames are not created equal

Both Windows NT and Windows 95 save not only the long version of the
filename, but also a short version of the filename.  When creating
short filenames, Windows 95 uses a consecutive-number algorithm.
Windows NT uses a combination of consecutive numbers and random
characters.  If your application validates short filenames based on
the Windows 95 algorithm or modifies the directory structure, it may
not perform as expected under Windows NT.  The table below shows you
the short filenames that are produced by Windows 95 and Windows NT for
the same three files:

    Long 		Windows 95	Windows NT
  Filename		Short Filename	Short Filename
Maps of Africa.vss	mapsof~1.vss	mapsof~1.vss
Maps of Europe.vss	mapsof~2.vss	mapsof~2.vss
Maps of England.vss	mapsof~3.vss	macebf~1.vss