Subject: Re: An annoying failure I've seen a lot of.
To: Dave Burgess <>
From: Rob Windsor <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/26/1996 22:43:10
Verily did Dave Burgess write:

> I am tired of trying to find this myself.  If one of you could help, I'd
> sure appreciate it.

> Whenever I try to run an ELF or COFF binary, I get the following error:

> ./linux.x86: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

>From what I remember, linux and SVR4 compat isn't working right when you
try to use both.

> options 	COMPAT_SVR4	# binary compatibility with SVR4
> options 	COMPAT_IBCS2	# binary compatibility with SCO and ISC
> options 	COMPAT_LINUX	# binary compatibility with Linux
> options 	COMPAT_FREEBSD	# binary compatibility with FreeBSD

> What am I doing wrong?

Comment out 'options COMPAT_SVR4' unless you really do use Solaris/x86
binaries, until the compat code is fixed.

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