Subject: Re: bin/2698: sh is fragile
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/15/1996 13:26:39
> >Number:         2698
> >Category:       bin
> >Synopsis:       sh chokes on \r's.
> ...
> >Fix:
> 	From looking at the source, fix sh so that it uses a function for all
> 	of those "is this space" commands, and then make '\r' either act
> 	like '\n' or like '\t' - it should definitely be space, and I don't
> 	care much whether it's a line break or a space at the end of a line.
> 	I would probably make it like \t or ' ', so it would be less
> 	intrusive on scripts.

Hmm, since '\r' most often appears at the end of lines, treating
it as either tab or space would have negative effects if the last
real character seen was a backslash used to indicate a
continuation of the command on the next line, no?

- Havard