Subject: Re: Adduser command missing from 1.1 distribution (sun3 arch)
To: John M Vinopal <>
From: The Terminator rAT <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/02/1996 11:41:22
John M Vinopal writes:
 > would anyone be interested in putting together a bundle of netbsd
 > sysadmin tools that AREN'T specifically supported?  one web page

I've been talking for a long time about doing a set of admin tools (both
GUI and PTUI driven) that would do exactly this sort of thing.  I am
thinking of something along the lines of HPUX's SAM, with some of the
AmigaDOS Installer ideas thrown in. 

The incomplete list of Cool Features(TM) I want to implement includes :

	- add/delete/change users/groups/etc
	- add/remove hardware (i.e. disks, etc)
	- GUI disk label and partition software (ala AmigaDOS HDToolBox)
	- dotfile configuration
	- network and sendmail configuration
	- security tasks
	- backups
	- disk space usage
	- realtime GUI resource (disk,mem,net,etc) monitor

Maybe in the next few weeks I'll be able to find the time to think about 
this some more.

But, to answer your question: Yes, there is interest in doing this work.


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