To: Brian Buhrow <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/24/1996 17:42:26
On Wed, 24 Jul 1996 09:13:51 -0700 (Brian Buhrow) wrote:

 > When I went to build a kernel on a penteom with an IDE interface, I used a
 > line of the form:
 > config netbsd root on wd0 swap on wd0 and sd0 and vnd0 and vnd1
 > 	When I configged the kernel, I was told that there was no sd0 
 > configured.  This is corect, but shouldn't one be able to build kernels for
 > machines that have SCSI interfaces on non-SCSI ready machines?  Is there a
 > way to override this warning, short of hacking config to simply issue it as
 > a warning?

Actually, while this might be a good idea, it's a semantic inconsistency 
as far as config(8) is concerned... config(8), as a rule, doesn't allow 
any use of a device that isn't configured...

 > 	On another note, is anyone working on the ability to dynamically add swap
 > devices to the kernel?  Sometimes it would sure be nice to be able to just
 > add some swap without having to go to the trouble of remembering to
 > configure in a couple of vnds for swapping.

Someone has been working on that for some time.  He got an initial whack 
at it almost working.  He ran into a stumbling block, however.  I don't 
know the current status of it... perhaps he can give us an update (since 
I know he's probably going to read this :-)

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