Subject: Re: Strange PPP behaviour during file uploads.
To: Dave Burgess <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/22/1996 22:48:24
>I have been running NetBSD-current for some time, and recently noticed
>an odd situation.  I was FTPing a file from one part of my ISPs LAN to

>When I am transferring files TO cynjut, I generally have very few
>problems:  I regularly get transfer rates higher than 28.8K.  
>When I transfer files FROM cynjut, I get good throughput for a while,
>then the modem just hangs up.  It redials, tries to connect and fails.
>The next time the modem redials, I get in just fine.  The transfer
>continues as soon as the PPP link is estabnlished and continues for as
>little as a second and as long as a couple minutes.  The cycle is then
>repeated (dies, dials, fails to log in, redials, connects).  The entire

In other words, you can receive files on such on your NetBSD box, over
the PPP link, just fine.  But, if you try to put/send stuff, it gives
you lots of lossage and hangups.

Have you tried telnetting in from the Internet?

I can do stuff where I go out, but most of the traffic is coming in
(telnet, ftp, sup, etc.) on my NetBSD box.  But, when I try to telnet
in from the Internet (where most of the display traffic is going out
from my box), I get horrible lossage.  Lots of many-second hangs,
modem hang-ups, etc.  I get this in /var/log/debug when it hangs up:

Jul 22 16:48:00 MindBender pppd[4635]: No response to 4 echo-requests
Jul 22 16:48:00 MindBender pppd[4635]: Serial link appears to be disconnected.
Jul 22 16:48:06 MindBender pppd[4635]: Connection terminated.

Telneting in from work is almost not worth trying.  I usually get a
closed connection several times before getting all the way logged in.
Once I do finally get all the way in, the connection is very
"delicate", and can be broken easily by causing too much display

I too have a Livingston Portmaster on the remote (Internet) end of my
link, though it is an older model.

Anyone with a clue about PPP and Portmasters care to enlighten?

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