Subject: Re: dump and rmt
To: None <>
From: Brook Milligan <brook@trillium.NMSU.Edu>
List: current-users
Date: 07/17/1996 22:33:28
   > I was trying to dump a filesystem to a remote tape and ran into an
   > error complaining about being unable to execute /etc/rmt.  Of course,
   > this doesn't exist...

   It should exist as a symlink to /usr/sbin/rmt. The reason for this is to
   maintain interoperability with non-NetBSD systems.

   Did you install the etc kit when you installed your current OS?

Sorry for the stupid question.  I didn't realize the protocol required
/etc/rmt.  Makes sense, though.  I did install the etc kit, but I
guess somewhere along the line the link got vaporized.

Thanks for the help.