Subject: /usr/src/lib/Makefile and libkvm
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jon Buller <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/09/1996 23:51:50
I SUPped the sources on July 8 with the -o flag, and found the
following problem when building.  Do I have a bad copy of the
Makefile, is the Makefile wrong, or is it going to be Just One of
Those Weeks(TM)?

On a SPARC ELC, I typed 'make' in /usr/src, and it bombed making
libkvm.old.  I was able to do a make in libkvm, so I'm wondering
if the Makefile is in need of some editing.  The one I have follows,
note that the first '.if' will build libkvm only on amigas, ataris,
and sun3s.  When I looked in libkvm, and libkvm.old, I found machine
specific files for both my pc532 and my sparc in libkvm NOT
libkvm.old.  (It also appeared that the sun3 uses libkvm, casting
doubt on the theory that someone switched the if and else clauses...)

Jon Buller <>

---------- cut here ---------- /usr/src/lib/Makefile ----------
#	$NetBSD: Makefile,v 1996/06/14 17:22:38 cgd Exp $
#	from: @(#)Makefile (Berkeley) 5/7/91

.include <>			# for EXPORTABLE_SYSTEM definition

SUBDIR=	csu libarch libc libcompat libcrypt libcurses libedit libl \
	libm libpcap libresolv librpcsvc libskey libterm libutil liby

# XXX Temporarely until all ports are able to use libkvm (leo)
.if	(${MACHINE} == "amiga") || \
	(${MACHINE} == "atari") || \
	(${MACHINE} == "sun3")
SUBDIR+=        libkvm
SUBDIR+=        libkvm.old

# XXX Keep telnet(1) and libtelnet from getting out of sync during the build
# XXX process.
.if !exists(${.CURDIR}/../domestic/lib/libtelnet) || defined(EXPORTABLE_SYSTEM)

.include <>