Subject: Re: NetBSD stable on sun4m SS4?
To: der Mouse <mouse@Collatz.McRCIM.McGill.EDU>
From: James Graham - Systems Anarchist <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/09/1996 08:42:16
der Mouse sez:
 * > 	(3) When your system decides to page for whatever reason, it
 * > 	    seems to want to page out Lots O' Pages at once;
 * > I haven't seen this, and I do some interesting data reduction
 * > ugliness that eats acres of memory for breakfast, lunch and dinner,
 * > cranking out network statistics.
 * But Sean, which port(s) do you run?  My memory of this problem being
 * discussed on the list, fuzzy though it is, says that it's a problem on
 * only the i386 port.

Actually, no, I encounter it frequently between my IPX and my SLC.
Arguably, I should not be using the SLC as a disk server, but I'd hate
to drop the machine out of commission, and the SLC has the space containing
the binary X11 tree, as well as the space for the user directories.

 * > WRT running NetBSD in a "real environment", there are some
 * > deficiencies, but my opinion is that these seem to be less of a
 * > problem than the idiosyncracies of the OSes shipped by SUN.
 * Depending on your workload, of course.  And if you have a decent kernel
 * hacker in-house (which I realize most sites won't), just having the
 * source available may be benefit enough to cause a switch.

I'll second this with the addendum that if you have a decent UTILITY
hacker in-house (of which most sites will have more than kernel hackers),
you stand a good chance of at least having the annoying idiosyncratic
everyday user-level bugs fixed...


All Hail NetBSDiscordia :-)

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