Subject: Re: daily scripts...
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Todd C. Miller <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/06/1996 10:52:44
In message <>
	so spake Peter Seebach (seebs):

> Is there any *possible* point to having /etc/daily run fsck?  I mean, it
> can't fix anything, and no error it finds is significant, because there are
> *ALWAYS* errors before a sync(), or when the system is active.
> Why even bother?  What is the secret phrase which will clue me in to the
> reason behind this decision?

Well, if the fsck is done when the filesystem is fairly quiescent,
the fsck output can give you early warning if your filesystem
is in trouble.  There wil be some errors of course, but if
you see a lot (or just more than usual) it can tip you off to
problems.  Not much good on, say, a news server where the disks are
always active of course but is useful otherwise, especially if you
are extra paranoid and don't completely trust the clean bit.

(I've seen filesystems marked clean on other OS's that were not
but haven't seen it on NetBSD--I'm still paranoid though :-)

 - todd