Subject: Re: ccd and vnd together?
To: der Mouse <>
From: Jason Thorpe <thorpej@NAS.NASA.GOV>
List: current-users
Date: 07/03/1996 17:54:41
On Wed, 3 Jul 1996 16:02:37 -0400 
 der Mouse <> wrote:

 >     ccdconfig: ioctl (CCDIOCSET): /dev/ccd0c: Inappropriate ioctl for device
 >     [Callisto] 28> 
 > What am I missing here?  Why won't ccd and vnd work together?

It's because vnd doesn't have all of the necessary features.  I have a 
severly whacked version of the vnd what does, but it's definitely not fit 
for the tree (buggy).  One of the things near the top of my TODO list is 
to add these features into the in-tree vnd in a non-broken way.

Specifically, the vnd needs to support the disklabel ioctl suite.

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