Subject: Re: postgres
To: CHAN Yiu Wah <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/02/1996 12:35:20
> Can anyone tell me where can I get the latest postgres ? Thanks.

The pg95 home page is:

The pg95 ftp site is:

There are also a couple of patches which are referenced on the home page.
It should build out of the box for i386 people.


PS.  For the Amiga/Sun3/68k-based people, there are some extra patches
for alignment thingies necessary to build pg95, mail me if you need
them (I didn't write them, and have no way of testing them - however,
I've been told that they work by a third party).  And judging by past
messages to current-users, the original query was for the i386 port.
I don't know about Sparc, and am very keen to find out.