Subject: NetBSD/sparc booting off floppies... [was re: source change]
To: matthew green <>
From: Peter Galbavy <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/30/1996 08:48:55
>    Put native NetBSD disk label in a piece of wasteland within a SunOS label.
>    read_disk_label() uses the native label if present.
>    write_disk_label() constructs a SunOS label around the native one.
> wow, splode.


> hmm... are you planning on pulling up any of the fd/rd changes to
> the release ?  or are we going to distribute microroot floppies
> built from 1.2A ?  just curious..

On this slightly off topic... I tried then yesterday on an SS20 class machine
to save me using a stun-OS or Slowlaris boot CD. As a laugh. Nope. Apart
from the poor error handling in the PROM and second stage boot program (is
it just me - or are 3 1/2" floopies really easy to error on ?) on the Mth
and Nth tries, the kernel just died. No real indication of why.

Do these floppies work OK on sun4m boxes ?

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