Subject: Re: Swapping problems (was: Re: 1.2 features, again)
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Steve Woodford <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/30/1996 12:51:26
Andrew Gillham (and several others) wrote:

> My machine has 32MB, and doesn't swap a whole
> lot.  When it does though, I definitely see the problems you've
> been discussing. (machine freezes for a bit when I hit swap)

Is this a problem specific to the i386 port? I'm running the
mvme68k port and I don't seem to be hitting these sorts of
problems. (At least not that I'm aware of).

I'm running 1.1 on my server mvme68k, with a couple of diskless
mvme68k's over nfs. Earlier last week, I decided to put -current
on one of the nfs cpus. This basically involved compiling the
whole of -current from scratch, on a cpu with 8Mb RAM, and 8Mb
swap over nfs.

The build took around two days all together, with some manual
intervention. At one point, swap usage was up around 95% on the
build machine (ie. the one with 8Mb swap in total), but things
were motoring on without any noticable slow down.

The only thing I did notice, was that at the end of the build,
with the system quiescent, the swap was still around 50% full.
A quick ps -aux showed that nowhere near 4Mb worth of processes
were swapped, so I guess this is the swap leak you guys have
been talking about.

Obviously, you lot seem to be pushing the VM system harder than
me, but I'm still pretty amazed that systems with bags more RAM
and swap than I have can suffer like you say.

Cheers, Steve