Subject: st driver support
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Grey Wolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/27/1996 10:34:30
I've come across several deficiencies in the st driver; unfortunately I'm
not very proficient at driver hacking, else I'd do this myself, so I'm going
to ask the typical Are There Plans To question.  Perhaps I should submit it
as a pr.  IFF I find time before someone else does, I'll submit a fix, but
if I'm like most of "youse guys", there exist three chances of this happening:
slim, fat and none.

- File and Block position reporting are missing.  I'm sure it wouldn't be
  that hard to add; I just haven't found the proper place to stuff the
  code just yet.  This I might fix if I get the chance and can figure out
  where to stuff the increment/decrement stuff.

- All SCSI tape drives report drive type 7.  This should *really* be fixed
  to report the actual type of the drive which has been found...

- ...which, of course, leads us to the individual drive registers, which
  can probably be "borrowed" from the SunOS/Solaris mtio.h and *dev/streg.h
  files without much of a problem.

Are there any plans to fix these deficiencies?  If so, can I get a feel
for where they are in the priority list?  Judging that the st driver kind
of limps along right now
#ifdef SPARC
			  (it's broken on my SLC but I have one on my IPX
so I don't care)
		, but works "ok", I have no reason to believe that these
issues will be fixed soon, but would be _delighted_ to be proven worng :-).