Subject: Re: pstat -t
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/19/1996 13:51:14
>  > should pstat -t track the console?
> Yah ... y'know, I thought that someone checked in the right stuff to make 
> pcvt and pccons register themselves, too...

That would have been me, and I pulled them up to the release branch,

If you are running pcvt, they probably won't show up until the real
1.2 release branch is done, since the PCVT_NETBSD constant is
calculated like:

	(major * 100 + minor + 10) + (NetBSDVERSION - 1)

i.e. for NetBSD 1.2:

	120 + (NetBSD1_2 - 1)

Due to creative #defines (which i believe i sent mail to you and
J.T. about, jason), NetBSD1_2 is defined as "0" currently, which leaves
PCVT_NETBSD defined as 119.

The check to do the tty_attach() call is done vs >= 120.

I'd actually call this a bug in the param.h definition of NetBSD1_2,

Consider the following program:

#if NetBSD1_1
char *_1 = "yeah";
char *_1 = "nope";

#if NetBSD1_2
char *_2 = "yeah";
char *_2 = "nope";


        printf("1.1: %s\n", _1);
        printf("1.2: %s\n", _2);

right now, it returns 'nope' for both...