Subject: Re: NetBSD master CVS tree commits
To: Theo de Raadt <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/18/1996 10:27:57
Quoting Theo de Raadt,

> > jonathan
> > Mon Jun 17 07:03:12 EDT 1996
> > Update of /a/cvsroot/src/sys/arch/mips/mips
> > In directory
> > 
> > Revision/Branch: netbsd-1-2
> > 
> > Modified Files:
> > 	cpu_exec.c elf.c 
> > Log Message:
> > Pull up elf changes from trunk:
> > >Update mipspmax elf exec support:
> > >  * Update arch/mips/mips/cpu_exec.c to include MI exec_elf.h header,
> > >    and to use the MI interface exec_elf_makecmds().
> > >  * Replace arch/mips/mips/elf.c (Ted Lemon's elf code) with
> > >    a version of Christos's MI elf exec code, munged to support demand paging
> > >    and mips shared libraries.
> > 

> That code is not "Christos's MI elf exec code". It is Per Fogelstrom's
> exec_elf.c from OpenBSD.  It's completely obvious who made the
> improvements to the code.

> You don't like giving credit or something?

In the beginning, there was sys/compat/svr4/svr4_exec.c, written by
Christos. Then I massaged that into sys/kern/exec_elf.c, because
of Linux ELF binaries. This was quite some time ago.. over a year probably.
The other day, Christos pulled in the fixes from OpenBSD, which was
certainly credited in the commit message:

Fri Jun 14 14:16:02 EDT 1996
Update of /a/cvsroot/src/sys/kern
In directory
Modified Files:
Log Message:
Merge pagedvn changes from OpenBSD and added mips defines. Also added
ELF_MAP_PAGE_ZERO define. The entry point computation is different than
the one OpenBSD uses.

Then, Jonathan used this code for the pmax port. Should he have credited
the fixes again? It would be really taking it too far to credit, apart
from the main author, every person that ever changed something in a file
if you use code from it. At least I think so..

Also, this mail suggests that exec_elf.c was imported from OpenBSD,
and I wanted to set that straight (although that suggestion was probably

- Frank