To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/12/1996 01:10:10
> > Should likely prove useful for this sort of undertaking.

>Actually, I was thinking of something much more "high-level" than what 
>FreeBSD provides as a libscsi and scsi(8) ... The FreeBSD libscsi doesn't 
>look terribly useful itself ... It places a _lot_ of responsibility on 
>the calling application (much more than I would consider necessary), which 
>seems to defeat the purpose of a library.

Yes, but something is better than a good idea that doesn't exist.

I know you're all hard working guys, with a lot of higher priority
things to worry about, so I don't mean that in a derogitory way. :-)
I'm just saying, at least in this case, there is an important
functionality added by having *something* that can send raw SCSI
commands to devices from userland, as opposed to nothing at all.  (I'm
refering to something general, not a special-purpose program like your

Ideally, what you propose would be great.  But realistically, who's
going to write it in the near term?  Certainly not me...  And I doubt
you're going to volunteer.

Maybe a good first start would be to find some person(s) who would be
willing to give a shot at the first pass.  If this/these person(s)
could be found, laying out a detailed draft of what you would like
developed might give this enough of a kick to start it rolling...

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