Subject: Lousy swap handling with large (64Mb) memory computer
To: None <>
From: Jonas Lagerblad <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/11/1996 22:14:03
I'm getting quite annoyed by the way NetBSD handles heavy memory usage 
on computers with quite a lot of memory.

I've been running -current for over a year now, and has constantly had problems
with how NetBSD handles swapping/paging. I have a number of Pentium 
computers (133,150 or 166MHz) with 32 or 64 Mbytes of RAM, which we use
for software development. As soon as the memory on any machine is getting
filled up, the computer freeze compleatly for 10-30 seconds, after which it
starts up again with normal activity. 

I've been running top on the terminal of our file server and observed a really
strange handling of swapping/paging; On a computer with 64 Mb memory
no swapping is done until less than ~200kb of free memory remains, and
paging out of unused pages seems never to occur for some processes.

Has anyone encountered any similar problems?

Are there any kernel parameters that can be optimized for better 
swap handling?

Best regards,
Jonas Lagerblad
Jonas Lagerblad, Carlstedt Research & Technology,
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