Subject: Re: Choosing the right PC-box.
To: Rick Kelly <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/05/1996 07:28:00
Rick Kelly <>  wrote:
 > Rafal Boni said:
 > >In message <>, Jason Thorpe wrote:
 > >-> ...I'd avoid the Quantum, and get Fujitsu drives.  I've had no end of 
 > >-> trouble with Quantums and Seagates, and I've _never_ had a problem with a 
 > >-> Fujitsu drive...'Course, this assumes getting SCSI...
 > >
 > >	Acutally, I've had the opposite experience... I've had a lot of 
 > >	trouble with Fujitsu SCSI drives and no problems at all with the
 > >	Quantums (and DEC-repackaged ones Dell used to put in their 
 > As the owner of 14 operating Quantum drives, with a couple of them
 > dating back to 1988, I can say I haven't had a problem.

Maybe the people with Quantum drives who are not having problems with them
are the people who never turn them off?  I have a friend, who on recommendation
from someone else, bought 7 Quantum's (Fireballs and Lightning's) for 7
machines at his office... Within 9 months, each one of them had failed to
spin up if powered down... Towards the end, the machines had signs on them
that said "DO NOT POWER OFF".  Then later, while "someone else" was on an
extended vacation, there was a power-failure in his house which caused his
Quantum to spin down and it never spun back up... And I'm thinking "YES!
There IS a god!"

Myself, I'm a happy Fujitsu owner... But I'm hardly religious about it...