Subject: Re: What should stat(,&fs) return?
To: None <>
From: David Leonard <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/02/1996 14:46:46
In dstc.mail.netbsd.current-users you write:

> > That make me think that they did not, in fact, argue for it, which in
> > turn leads me to wonder if the traditional BSD acceptance of "" was
> > just a minor coding bug to begin with.

> How about accepting `/some//dir' as equivalent to `/some/dir'. From a
> purist's point of view, it should also be rejected with ENOENT at the
> point where you would have to interpret the "" between the slashes
> as ".".

if (as i think you're saying)  "/some//dir" should be treated as "/some/./dir",
then "/foo" should also be interpreted as "./foo" since it starts with "" ?

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