Subject: Re: bitching about ciscos (Was Re: Rolling in IPv6 code into -current)
To: Rob Healey <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/30/1996 15:22:18
[ On Sun, April 28, 1996 at 13:26:48 (-0500), Rob Healey wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: bitching about ciscos (Was Re: Rolling in IPv6 code into -current)
> 	I guess I would like rock solid proof that current mainstream router
> 	vendors OTHER than Cisco could do any better. While I'm not a big fan
> 	of Cisco they have solved problems that others have yet to solve and I'm
> 	not willing to let the OTHER vendors off the hook until I see
> 	new experiences to replace my old experiences with Bay, 3com, etc.
> 	I've seen Bay, 3com and others fall flat on their face in large
> 	company WAN/LAN's with only thousands of IP routes, let alone the
> 	tens of thousands of routes the Internet has to deal with.

I have been told, first hand by a local Bay Networks CE, that tests in
their lab showed a Wellfleet BLN could manage 11 route flaps per second
with 80,000 route entries (running BGP) while at the same time keeping
the available links saturated.  I suspect this was with only two
Ethernet ports active on each end, but still it makes Cisco 7500's look
damn silly.  They say the BLN can do this because it has a true
multi-processor architecture, and that packet pushing is done separately
from BGP processing.

I've yet to see this work first-hand, mind you.

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