Subject: Re: NFS lossage from NetBSD to SunOS
To: Valtteri Vuorikoski <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/30/1996 15:10:04
[ On Sat, April 27, 1996 at 11:55:43 (+0300), Valtteri Vuorikoski wrote: ]
> Subject: NFS lossage from NetBSD to SunOS
>  I have a SunOS 4.1.3_U1 box running diskless and mounting filesystems 
> from a NetBSD/mac68k box (-current from several weeks ago but this 
> problem isn't new).
>  Executables seem to be getting randomly corrupted on the SunOS box, which 
> causes them to either crash in odd places or to do weird things. Once it 
> has occurred, the crash or the problem always appears at the same place, so 
> it doesn't vary randomly. An interesting example of this is that I was 
> compiling something with g++, when suddenly instead of ".align" it started 
> outputting ".a'ign".

I've an opposite setup, where I'm running a diskless NetBSD-1.1A machine
mounted on a SunOS-4.1.1_U1 server (sun3s, both).

I see similar problems.  Sometimes the X server on the NetBSD box starts
to lose fonts, other times it'll be the shared libraries that start
showing corruption and most everything dies.  A reboot normally fixes
things, except for the odd time when the MMU gets stuck in some bad
state and I have to do a low-level reset (PROM "k2" command or a power

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