Subject: Re: Rolling in IPv6 code into -current
To: None <>
From: Neil J. McRae <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/28/1996 17:28:15
On 28 Apr 1996 10:37:44 GMT (Heiko W.Rupp) wrote:

> Francis Dupont @ inria (in France) developped his implementation on 
> NetBSD/Sparc - now he is running it on FreeBSD. Half a year ago in mails
> he said that porting that to i386 is mostly a matter of implementing some
> changes in ethernetcard drivers.

We should get this in the tree and start tracking the changes now.

> At Ripe meeting in Berlin Francis reported that in an interoperability test
> in february nearly all implementations on the "market" (no comercial yet)
> had some interoperability problems. Currently people are trying to set
> up a 6bone to get a larger testbed.

I heard Telebit, not to be confused with the modem/terminal server people,
have developed an IPv6 router, and they have an actualy IPv6 network
running, they called me as they want a UK network provider to take part,
unfortunetly I'm too busy myself, but I'm sure they actually had an IPv6
network up and running, albeit using the same router...

> I don't have any time to work on that, but seeing IPv6 in NetBSD would
> be nice for me anyway ...

The sooner the better IMO.

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