Subject: Re: config: syntax error.
To: Dante Profeta <>
From: \"\"David A. Ellis\"\" <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/27/1996 18:52:35
>Hi all
>I'm trying to build the current kernel (i386), but I falled in a trouble:
># cd /sys/arch/i386/conf/
># config GENERIC
>../../../conf/files:91: syntax error
>../../../conf/files:92: syntax error
>../../../conf/files:128: syntax error
>../../../conf/files:190: syntax error
>...and so on for about 20 lines...
>I saw that in corrispondence of this lines there is a pipe "|" (or more) OR-
>ing some flags:
>file kern/exec_ecoff.c          compat_ultrix | compat_osf1 | exec_ecoff
>file kern/exec_elf.c            compat_svr4 | compat_linux
>...and so on!
>What does it means?
>What I have to do?

I got those errors first time i tried to compile -current.  The config program
has changed slightly, recompile and install config first, then try it.

David A. Ellis
Iowa State University Project Vincent Operations