Subject: Re: why a double login??
To: None <>
From: noud de brouwer <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/25/1996 03:19:44
>[Sorry about the dup mail -- hit ^C^C instead of ^X^X :-)]


>Noud sez:
>#  Teletype terminals and the like(?)
>No, but we discovered the problems because LSI adm3s come up with
>the CAPS LOCK key active.

don't know what a LSI adm3s is but..does that key made a snappy sound?

>#  Is a VAX 11/750 a pdp 11?
>One of many successors thereto.
>#  login: FOOBAR
>#  password:
>#  login: FOOBAR
>#  password:
>#  and then we're inside.
>Looks like it doesn't do the conversion properly...

cause then it would be:
#  login: FOOBAR
#  password:

and then we're in
cause i don't have an all upper term.,
can use MacTerminal/whatever to emulate.
If so it would be:
#  login: FOOBAR
and then we're in.

>#  #if XXX
>                           if (upper || UC)
>                                   tmode.sg_flags |= LCASE;
>                           if (lower || LC)
>                                   tmode.sg_flags &= ~LCASE;
>#  #endif
>#  I don't know why #if XXX is there. Why is it there?
>Backward combatability.

What's the meaning of XXX and where can it be found defined?

>#  >If you're getting lowercase responses, then only half the problem has been
>#  >fixed.
>#  That's what it does, convert to lowercase, but not letting you in.
>#  Then the second time, behind getname(), it does let you in with the
>#  upper-case name.
>That's definitely a bug.  Either it should convert all UC -> LC and set
>the terminak modes accordingly, or it should do no conversions and perform
>an explicit match.  To convert it without warning is not acceptable,
>if for no other reason than it is unexpected behaviour, as we have discovered.

jummie, a send-pr

>#  >Another fix would be to not use ALL uppercase logins; i.e. maybe capitalize
>#  >them if necessary?  (This would be The Right Way, actually.)
>#  All uppercase logins are a 'no no' in the unix-world??
>Well, no and yes -- see above.

got it (i think)

>#  Just change them with vipw, and leave it to that??
>#  (creating a discrepance between RW and passwd.master)
>What's RW?

errr..i thought it was something out of your world, Real World.

>#  Shouldn't i trace again, using f.i. syslog() after getname()??
>That'd work...

Will..tomorrow or the day after.

>#  Shouldn't it be: upper && (UC && !LC) => tolower => inside and
>#                   upper && !(UC && !LC) => upper && (!UC || LC) => inside?
>#  I don't know the precidence of those &&/|| things,
>#  but that's diff. from the source:
>#                   upper && !LC || UC => tolower
>When in doubt of precedence, use parentheses to force the precedence you want.

will look it up & place parentheses (most of the time).

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 ^^^United States Lawyers??