Subject: Re: why a double login??
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/23/1996 15:49:26
   me>Is this a constant thing, or does it happen only periodically?

   ndb> All the time, but only for some accounts, not all.

HM.  Have you tried doing a ktrace on the getty/login processes?

   me>It MIGHT, however, be a parity problem somewhere, where getty might
   me>not be doing proper parity checking (if any), or it might even be doing
   me>parity checks where none are needed.

   ndb>It's very constandly bound to the account not the getty status.


   ndb>Could the amount of accounts (about 200) be a problem??

Might be, but not likely, that's why I suggest the ktrace -- see what your
getty is doing.  More than the number of accounts, though, there might be
an unresolved hashing collision somewhere...?

Try this.  Log in as yourself and type "login <username>" and see if
it happens again.  If you get prompted twice, the problem is probably in
login (or, possibly, a security breach, but I doubt it).  If you succeed
on the first try, the problem is probably in getty somewhere.


You could try putting a printf in getty which would illustrate the problem.
Have it print out the name it's looking for via getpwnam(), as well as what
getpwnam() returns.

For security reasons, you might want to have it print to a file instead
of to the screen.

Check the output, and keep us posted :-)

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