Subject: Has anyone found a way to implement quotas with MFS?
To: Rick Dante <>
From: David Gilbert <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/22/1996 17:06:04
>>>>> "Rick" == Rick Dante <> writes:

Rick> I want to mount memory filesystems on /tmp and /var/tmp and I
Rick> want to slap quotas on them to keep the users from blowing
Rick> things up.

Rick> I thought I could simply edit rc to copy quota.user from a
Rick> secure place on disk to /tmp.  But quotacheck seems to want an
Rick> ffs...  it ignores the fstab entry with the mfs.

Rick> I know this is sort of a cheesy idea, but I'm a little peeved
Rick> that it doesn't work.  Has anyone come up with an elegant (or at
Rick> least a working) way to have quotas on an mfs?

	I would suspect that the ramdisk device driver would be more
capable of this (but don't quote me).  This suspicion is based on the
fact that you're using a real FS on a fake disk vs. a fake FS with no
disk.  It is possible that MFS doesn't implement 'all' of the services
of the full-blown FS.


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