Subject: Re: /usr/share NOT?
To: David Gilbert <>
From: Erik Bertelsen <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/22/1996 10:48:49
On Sun, 21 Apr 1996, David Gilbert wrote:

.. 	I have four NetBSD machines... Amiga, Sun3, Sun4 (using the
.. god-given correct byte order :) and i386 (using the evil byte order).
.. Anyways, I have noticed that the i386 (the only one of the three to be
.. starving for disk) cannot share /usr/share with the others.

I agree that a "good" solution is needed (perhaps by moving /usr/share/nls
outside of /usr/share), but in the meantime you may try my work-around
for this problem:

   On the PC i do a mount_union of a directory on a local file system on
top of /usr/share/nls (or is it below?...). This enables me to share
/usr/share except /usr/share/nls between a NetBSD/mac68k (NFS server) and
a NetBSD/i386. This is IMO a horrible kludge, but at least it works here
and now.

Erik Bertelsen