Subject: Re: network logins slow with tcsh?
To: David Hopper <>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/21/1996 19:46:27
> ...and sounds similar to an annoying problem that I picked up in 1.1
> (1.0 didn't behave this way):

My 1.1 system doesn't suffer from this, it seems.  On the ones running
-current do.

> I use tcsh (6.04, now 6.05), and I've noticed that it hits the network 
> whenever I 'su' to root.  When pppd is running but the link is down, or 
> if my 14.4 connection is busy, the shell will hang hard for a good 15 
> to 30 seconds before my prompt appears, but there's no console errors
> reported whatsoever.  When the network is up, and clear, there's no
> delay at all.

Our nameserver is in the local ethernet, so there should be no delays
reaching it.  Also, I don't see these hangs when I use 'su', only when
I 'rlogin'.

Besides, it seems that there's no problem with telnet logins, only with
rlogin.  Does this ring the bell?