Subject: Re: network logins slow with tcsh?
To: Jukka Marin <>
From: David Hopper <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/21/1996 09:03:39
> I'm running 6.05 (sorry that I left the version number out of my original
> post) and I'm logging in from the network (from an AmigaOS or SunOS
> machine).  Not from console.
> Actually, there are delays (5 seconds or so) even when using csh or sh
> as a login shell.  It doesn't matter whether I log in from a NetBSD or
> a SunOS or an AmigaOS machine.
> Sigh.  This is annoying. ;)

...and sounds similar to an annoying problem that I picked up in 1.1
(1.0 didn't behave this way):

I use tcsh (6.04, now 6.05), and I've noticed that it hits the network 
whenever I 'su' to root.  When pppd is running but the link is down, or 
if my 14.4 connection is busy, the shell will hang hard for a good 15 
to 30 seconds before my prompt appears, but there's no console errors
reported whatsoever.  When the network is up, and clear, there's no
delay at all.  The pppd server on the other end provides no login 
services and doesn't authenticate a thing, and there's no kerberos 
running on my end.

I had originally thought this to be something to worry about from a 
security standpoint, but I can't imagine what it's sending through the
network (I mean, it only hits the network right after I type the 
password in; what could it be?  :^)  When pppd isn't running, there's 
no delay whatsoever.

My system is an untainted build of 1.1, so I'm sure it's just some 
config bit somewhere or an attribute of login shells I've overlooked.
Why should a login on my local machine have to hit the pppd interface?

>   -jm

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