Subject: Re: CD Writer Software
To: Damian McGuckin <>
From: Martin Konold <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/21/1996 13:17:49
On Sat, 20 Apr 1996, Damian McGuckin wrote:

> > We often use "mkisofs" as Peter mentioned to create the HSFS images.  We also
> > use another software package from our CD-WO vendor
> MKISOFS works for us.
Ok I know two setups which do work reliable.
1. 486DX50, 16MB, 2GB AV HDD, 2xaha1452 running Linux, ifconfig eth0 down
2. 486DX100, 8MB, 2GB AV HDD, 1xaha2940 running Linux, ifconfig eth0 up
   but with just some telnets running.

The main point is NOT CPU. The main thing is that the hdd used does NOT 
do those thermal recalibration every 30min or so. This will give you in 
any environment buffer underruns.
So please get an audio/video capable harddrive. Those are normally a 
little bit slower and more expensive but they are the only one's which do 
work reliable.

-- martin

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