Subject: Re: pcvt and TIOCCONS
To: Juergen Marenda <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/20/1996 12:54:15
Juergen Marenda writes:
> what about the "network terminals" tty[pq...][0-9][0-9]* ???
> will regular expressions be allowed ?

You know, it suddenly strikes me that regexps would be REALLY REALLY
NICE in /etc/ttys as well...

It also strikes me that perhaps what we should be doing here is
altering /etc/ttys into some new file (what its named is unimportant)
that encompasses all this functionality -- i.e. what to run on the tty
as a getty, whether the line is secure, what to run when someone logs
in or out, etc. There isn't much point in having two files that
contain tables of all the ttys a person could log in on.

Oh, and I support Dave Carrel's notion that this is where to do
authorization by tty and other arbitrary factor support -- it just
strikes me as clean and simple.