Subject: Xosview 1.4.1 is available!
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Brian C. Grayson <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/19/1996 13:00:44
  Mike Romberg and I have released xosview-1.4.1.  This was originally a
Linux and HPUX application, but I have ported it to NetBSD.  The .lsm file is:

Title:          xosview
Version:        1.4.1
Entered-date:   31Mar96
Description:    Xosview displays many system related stats such as
                cpu usage, memory usage, swap usage, network usage,
                interrupt activity, serial activity, and load average
                inside of an X Window.
Keywords:       xosview meter monitor status
Author: (Mike Romberg)
       (Brian Grayson)
Maintained-by: (Mike Romberg)
       (Brian Grayson)
Primary-site: /pub/Linux/X11/xutils/status
                54535 xosview-1.4.1.tar.gz
Platforms:      Linux, NetBSD, HPUX
Copying-policy: GPL

  If anyone knows of another appropriate ftp site (it's on all the sunsite
mirrors, of course), let me know.  We have not yet created a `package' out
of it (next release), so I don't feel qualified to put it up on yet.

  The major differences between version 1.3.2 and 1.4.1 are:
  * Integrated support for NetBSD
  * Much more customization using X resources
  * ``split'' meter capability (decaying-average and instantaneous versions
      of most meters)
  * New load meter
  * Bug fixes (of course!)

  It is a setuid X application (the /proc and sysctl() operations don't
provide sufficient information), and requires gcc 2.6.3 or above to
compile.  A set of BSD-style makefiles is included (Makefile.bsd,
Makefile.config.bsd), but the default Makefiles are GNU-style.  We'll be
using Imakefile's in the near future (probably for the next major release). 
The README.netbsd file describes what needs to be done for compilation.

  I have a simple xosview web page, with a link to the Georgia Tech
ftp sunsite mirror, at 
A permanent xosview home page will be set up in the near future.  In
addition, an i386 executable is available from this web page, for those of
you running NetBSD-i386 that want to try it out before grabbing a source

  NetBSD beta-testers have gotten it to work on the i386, amiga, and hp300
ports.  If anyone gets it working on the other ports (it shouldn't
require any tweaking), let me know, so I can add that port to our
`successful platforms' list.

  Bug reports about NetBSD-specific things (like the statistics) should be
sent to me.  General/platform-independent xosview bug reports and
suggestions (like compilation/Makefile, X resource handling, command-line
arguments, ideas or code for new meters, etc.) should be sent to Mike
Romberg (you can send it to me, also).  Email addresses are listed in the
README and source files, and above in the .lsm file contents.

  Thanks to all the NetBSD beta testers!  (For NetBSD, 1.4.1 is
practically identical to the beta version of 1.4.0 which you tested.)


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The University of Texas at Austin
Office:  ENS 406       (512) 471-8011
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