Subject: Re: 1.0A to 1.1B
To: Jeff Thieleke <>
From: John C. Hayward <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/18/1996 15:08:59
I'm trying to upgrade from 1.1 to 1.1B (or the src tarballs).
I have a problem when it comes to building the libraries (see below).

On Thu, 11 Apr 1996, Jeff Thieleke wrote:

> I recently upgraded from a new installation of 1.1 to 1.1B, so hopefully some 
> of this will apply.  It might be easier to upgrade from 1.1 instead of 
> 1.0A, but is probably doable.
> 1. Grab all of the 1.1B tar files and install then into /usr/src
> 2. Compile yacc (/usr/src/usr.bin/yacc) and install.  You'll need it for gcc 
>    2.7.2
> 3. Install gcc 2.7.2.  Try something like: 
cd /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/gcc
>    make ; make install ; make clean ; make ; make install
>    Since you will be compiling 2.7.2 with 1.0A's gcc 2.4.5,  2.7.2 won't 
>    compile cleanly.  So you compile as much as you can (upto libgcc, I 
>    believe), install that, then compile and install all of 2.7.2.
> 4. Compile and install tsort (/usr/src/usr.bin/tsort).  I seem to remember 
>    needing this for libc
> 5. Finally, make build in /usr/src. 
Got up to this step - but have problems with libraries.  If try make in 
/usr/src I get:
scilab8# make 
===> lib/libarch/i386
cc -O  -c i386_get_ldt.c
cc -O  -c i386_set_ldt.c
cc -O  -c i386_iopl.c
cc -O  -c i386_get_ioperm.c
cc -O  -c i386_set_ioperm.c
cc -O  -c i386_vm86.c
building standard i386 library
ranlib libi386.a
ranlib: libi386.a: Inappropriate file type or format
*** Error code 1

I have this mounted via nfs on a sun but that did not seem to cause
problems for building gcc.
> That should be pretty much it.  You might need a new version of some of
> the utilities, like tsort.  So if something fails, install the 1.1B
> version of that utilities and try again.  Finally, go through /usr/src/etc
What utilities should I use - I have rebuild tsort, ar, ranlib.  Where can
I pick up 1.1B utilities (I assume in binary).

Any help would be appreciated.

> Jeff Thieleke