Subject: Re: Multisession CD-ROMs
To: None <,>
From: Wolfgang Solfrank <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/18/1996 14:45:54
> when you are at it perhaps you can find out how to read multivolume cds too.
> Dont ask me what it is but our software (gear) allows to make cds in
> this format. With it it seems you can burn several cds in one without
> reading the filetree and produce a new filetree image.
> I made such a CD once but was not able to read it with any OS yet.

Multi-volume CDs are a set of CDs, all with the same filetree, but with
the actual files distributed between the CDs. That means, you can traverse
the tree independently of what CD is in the drive, but have to insert the
correct one, if you actually want to read some file.

This means, that support of multi-volume CDs requires some user interaction
from the filesystem, which is quite a novel concept.

> PS: Are there known bugs in the iso 9660 filesystem? I often had messages
> concerning non existant files on my Fred Fish CDs when at night the
> crond starts the examine jobs and i had such a CD forgotten to remove in
> my CD300 (NetBSD-Amiga). The filenames looked very strange then, i did
> not dig any further anyway..

I don't know about any particular bugs in the code. It could well be, that
the CD in question violates the spec (I've seen quite a lot of CDs that do,
I'd even say that at least the early ones did it quite regularly).

Anyway, I'd certainly be interested to look into any CD that NetBSD doesn't
grok, if you wouldn't mind to lend it to me for a few days (albeit I don't
have NetBSD/amiga).
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