Subject: Free pizza & beer for GCC Guru in or near Berlin
To: None <, current@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Julian Stacey <jhs@vector.jhs.no_domain>
List: current-users
Date: 04/17/1996 21:58:11
Warning: Cross posted to current@ & ... Shock Horror ;-)

Is there a GCC guru in or near Berlin,
who wants to visit for the weekend, bed pizza & board provided ?

The guy below phoned me ('cos my name's in the FSF lists )
to say he has a GCC porting problem with his
2 personal Siemens MX300 (32532 machines), & he'd be willing to buy pizza
& beer (I told him to say that :-) & provide accomodation if you can be
a visiting gcc guru for a weekend.  He'll show you round Berlin too.

	Marchand Str 3a
	12249 Berlin
		Home 030 767 031 88 20:00 - 22:00
		Office 030 86526130 (if redirected ask for Abteilung 11.0.3)

Reason I posted this here is that a cross porting machine will be needed,
& I know NetBSD  (& thus GCC) runs on the PC532 (ie NSC 32532)
but none of those are in Berlin.
However the same GCC could be be cross hosted from an ix86 Net or Free BSD too.
If someone  wants to copy this to the Linux lists, do,
(but _please_ don't cc current@ or :-) )

If he can't get GCC up he'll dispose of the machines, so you might cut a deal,
by porting & retaing one box :-)

Flame me privately for the free & net cross post if you want :-)
But please dont waste time mailing me technical questions,
I don't know more than this, & he doesnt have email, so phone him direct.
(I'm not about to become an email to long distance (Munich-Berlin) phone relay).

PS Apparently he can speak some English, but I spoke to him in German.

Julian H. Stacey  (PGP available)
  "Every 2 or 3 centuries there is a volcanic eruption so big that it fouls up
  the atmosphere for a couple of years.  There are just no harvests.  According
  to current estimates, the world's grain stocks are only 45 days."
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