Subject: Re: 2940 controllers integrated on the motherboard
To: None <>
From: Noriyuki Soda <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/15/1996 18:08:58
> > The FreeBSD driver is already ported to NetBSD(-almost)-current. See
> >
> I was just there, and noticed that the latest version:
>   aic7xxx-netbsd-1.1b-960411.tar.gz
> Is mode 640, so I can't access it (not that I have an immediate need -
> we're still trying to decide what kind of SCSI controllers to get).

The mode is fixed, now. I'm sorry for inconvenience.

> 1) I notice in the README in this directory, that as of the writing time
>    (April 10) the porters hadn't received any report of successful
>    operation on a 3940 (dual channel) controller. 

Yes, I have not received any report (neither positive or negative), yet.

>    yet? If not, does anyone have an idea how much work it might take
>    to *make* it work if it doesn't already?

If second scsi bus handling method was problem, it may be easy to fix.

# There are other problems, for example, NetBSD MI SCSI cannot handle 
# target >= 8.

> 2) There was also no mention of it working with a 2940UW. I assume if
>    it works with 2940 and 2940W, it would also work with UW, but
>    would rather make sure.

I've heard the driver works with 2940UW on FreeBSD, so it should work
on NetBSD, too.

> 4) Should I even attempt to put this driver on a 1.1 release system, or
>    have there been enough changes that I need to do -current? 

The driver currently only works on -current. But we can port it to 1.1.
If you need it, please mail me.
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