Subject: Re: IDE CD-ROM drives?
To: None <>
From: Andrew Cagney <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/14/1996 23:16:51

You wrote:

``I've a driver for 1.1 and -current (as of 04 march 1996), available
  from The -current driver
  need some work to be compatible with the recent changes to probe/attach and
  isa interface, I think. I don't have time to look at this yet, perhaps in
  a couple of weeks. I hope it will be integrated in the source tree.''

I've now been using it for about two weeks and haven't had a problem
with a Mitsumi FX400E CD drive.  FYI, it was identified as:

	atapibus1 at wdc1
	atapibus1 drive1: <FX400E, , K04> cdrom, removable.
	acd0 at atapibus1 drive 1: 120mm data disc 

Much thanks for you work.