Subject: Re: 100mb/sec
To: David Gilbert <>
From: Matt Ragan <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/13/1996 23:05:48
David Gilbert wrote:
>	Anyways, my Father is planning to build a building from
>scratch --- which will mostly likely be a combination home (for my
>parents) and retreat (for other people).  One of his planns is to wire
>the place completely to attempt to anticipate both growth, future use
>and resale value (would you pay more for a house completely wired with

Later this year, my wife and I are also going to be building our own home,
and needless to say, we're going to be putting in additional wiring
as well.  We're planning on running Category 5 wiring with at least one wire
and probably two from the entry closet to the each bedroom, and at least four,
but probably six or eight to the study (which will be where all of the
machines that I currently have will go).  I wouldn't run anything less than
Cat 5 simply because the price delta isn't that much anymore, and 100BaseT 
is speced for Cat 5.  If I completely have my say in how it is to be wired
(which depends on how flexible the builder will be about it), I'll put 
four-port RJ45 jacks in each of the bedrooms plus two in the study that get 
wired back to a patch panel in the entry closet, plus another four-port
jack near the phone demarc.

Depending on when things actually happen, I may also put in single-mode 
fiber throughout the house as well, since there's a good chance that I 
will be able to acquire enough for the house and the patch panels to go 
with it for a small enough cost to make it worth it.  

I don't know whether it would make the house more saleable, although it
might here in Austin.  (I can see the real estate ads now: "Geek Special!")

Of course, with my luck, the builder will rip it all out, and leave me
with two pair second-hand phone-grade cable.

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