Subject: Re: 100mb/sec
To: Matt Ragan <>
From: David Gilbert <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/12/1996 13:40:18
	While realizing that this is not exactly the forum, it is
difficult to find a similar crossection of great minds.

	Anyways, my Father is planning to build a building from
scratch --- which will mostly likely be a combination home (for my
parents) and retreat (for other people).  One of his planns is to wire
the place completely to attempt to anticipate both growth, future use
and resale value (would you pay more for a house completely wired with

	I would like to know if there is a particular type/brand of
twisted pair that would be particularly good here.  The distances are
not great (16 rooms, I belive), and the network is not likely to be
initially 100Mbs, but since we're putting this wiring in the walls, it
would be nice (if it were not too extra costly) to wire it for that

	With buying in bulk, if this is cost efficient enough, I'd
like to get one big spool and use it for security/telephone as well (I
realize that we'd be over spec'd there, but I'm figuring buying one
big spool of one type of wire might do us well).

	Just to keep thing on topic (however little), it is likely
that a NetBSD Sun3 or somesuch would form the main mail/news server
for the retreat... and as much as are available, other NetBSD machines
would be added for the retreatees.


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