Subject: Re: Killing processes by name
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: matthew green <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/11/1996 17:18:30
   [ less vs more ]
   Huh?  It's *bigger* than the normal "more". [ ... }

actually, the biggest reason is that it is much closer to POSIX.2
than our old more (based on a MUCH older version of less, what was
it, 1988 vintage ?).  and i plan on making it more so (eventually :).

   (Interestingly, /usr/bin/kill on SunOS is a pure dynamically-linked binary.)

and you _trust_ this ?  under sunos, the static binaries
in /bin (/usr/bin, ugh), /sbin and /usr/ucb are:

/bin: bar hostname ln mv sh tar
/sbin: hostconfig hostname ifconfig init intr mount sh 
/usr/ucb: rcp

in solaris, it gets worse:

/sbin: autopush jsh mount sh sync uadmin umount uname

yes, there is no init there.

svr4islame /sbin# ldd init =>    /etc/lib/

(i guess this is so it can load dynamic libraries).

if you break your solaris shlibs, you're basically really
really really really really lost.... (at least booting from
the cdrom gives you a full environment).

[ warning:  following data may cause violent vomitting ]

oh, and /bin/kill on solaris:

svr4islame ~# cat /bin/kill
/bin/sh -c "kill $*"

that said, i don't see why kill is in /bin under netbsd...