Subject: NFS woes (was Re: More stuck in D state woes)
To: Rob Healey <>
From: Eric Volpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/08/1996 15:29:16
> 	The problem with processes being stuck in D state, probably due
> 	to NFS directory reading, appeared sometime between March 26th and
> 	April 7th sup tree as my March 26th kernel doesn't do the evil
> 	deed but my April 7th kernel does it in spades... B^(.
> 	Hope this helps a little bit to those who are trying to track
> 	it down. Since I'm running on an Amiga and not and x86 or SPARC it
> 	would appear the problem is in MI code and would thus probably effect
> 	most if not all ports. B^(.
> 		-Rob

This has been happening to us really badly too. 

We have also been having the problem that if a -current machine that's
serving NFS goes down and then comes back up, many if not all of the
machines which were mounting it's filesystems will no longer be able to
access those filesystems, but will just hang when trying to do so. This
happens with downtimes as short as a couple of minutes.I htought NFS was
supposed to be stateless? 

Is anyone else aware of this or want more information to try to help
track it down? 

				eric volpe