Subject: Re: More on CD changers
To: Laine Stump <laine@MorningStar.Com>
From: Kent Vander Velden <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/04/1996 21:31:27
In message <>, laine@morningstar.
com writes:
>Jason Thorpe writes:
>> Depends on how the CD changer operates...Some CD changers (like the 
>> 6-disc Pioneer) put each slot as a LUN ... This already works...
>For everyone's info - I tried the NEC 7 disk CD changer (2x) and it does
>put each disk as a LUN. It works fine, except that I usually have to do
>the mount command 2 to 6 times (always at least twice) the first time I
>mount a disk after inserting it into the drive. Subsequent mounts of
>that disk work the first try, even if I've switched to read a different
>LUN in the meantime. (This is using stock 1.1 and the infamous 1542CF

  This the same situation with the quad speed version.  What sort of
seems strange is that on startup of netbsd sometimes information is
displayed about the disks that are contained in the drive but never in a
very consistent manner.  That is, perhaps one time information about the
first and third disk will be displayed while another time only
information about the second disk.  I presume that it has something to
do with the cache in the drive.

>Another problem with them is they need those funky little micro-scsi
>connectors (and no cable was included).

  Ah, darn cable was expensive but it does come with a cable that you
can use to daisy chain a Zip drive off the the changer.

>Now the same store that had the NEC has the 6-disc Pioneer changer that
>Jason mentioned (4x). Even though it is twice the price ($200 instead of
>$100), I like it better, because it is (presumably) twice as fast, and
>you can remove/change all 6 disks at once (it uses a 6 disk
>cartridge). (Also, it uses the standard "big-ol" SCSI connectors). But
>it gives me endless "input/output" errors when I try to mount a disk on

  As I recall the Pioneer had a very slow disk switch time compared to
the NEC.  I forget where the article was that I read this... think it
was in a recent issue of "PC Catalog."  If someone would like the
information I can try to find the magazine.

>Could this be some kind of timing problem with the 1542 driver? Anybody
>have any advice for me?

  I have the same problem as well.  BTW: have you tried using the drive under
Win95?  Obviously the people that tested Win95 did not have a CD changer
since they surely would have complained about how they are handled.
Seems as if Win95 will start to scan all the CD's once in a while with
out any obvious reason.

Kent Vander Velden