Subject: More on CD changers
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/04/1996 21:19:09
Jason Thorpe writes:

> Depends on how the CD changer operates...Some CD changers (like the 
> 6-disc Pioneer) put each slot as a LUN ... This already works...

For everyone's info - I tried the NEC 7 disk CD changer (2x) and it does
put each disk as a LUN. It works fine, except that I usually have to do
the mount command 2 to 6 times (always at least twice) the first time I
mount a disk after inserting it into the drive. Subsequent mounts of
that disk work the first try, even if I've switched to read a different
LUN in the meantime. (This is using stock 1.1 and the infamous 1542CF

Another problem with them is they need those funky little micro-scsi
connectors (and no cable was included).

Now the same store that had the NEC has the 6-disc Pioneer changer that
Jason mentioned (4x). Even though it is twice the price ($200 instead of
$100), I like it better, because it is (presumably) twice as fast, and
you can remove/change all 6 disks at once (it uses a 6 disk
cartridge). (Also, it uses the standard "big-ol" SCSI connectors). But
it gives me endless "input/output" errors when I try to mount a disk on

Could this be some kind of timing problem with the 1542 driver? Anybody
have any advice for me?