Subject: Re: config just reports errors
To: Andrew Foakes <>
From: Julian Bean <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/03/1996 01:25:39
At 10:19 pm 2/4/96, Andrew Foakes wrote:
>I know I'm probably being stupid, but I've run up againt a brick wall.

If you are then I am too.

>I have the version 1.1 distribution of everything except the kernel, which
>I use either GERERIC#5 or ADBTEST.132 on a serial console as I'm using a
>Classic II.  I downloaded the source for sys (sys.tar.gz) from
> on the 26/3/96 and the ABDTEST.132 patch kit.  However,
>every time config sees a '|' in the sys/conf/files files, it gives a syntax
>error.  I noticed that there was a files.oldcfig (or something like that)
>that used an "optional" syntax, so tried that as my files file, but I still
>got syntax errors.  I removed all the '|' options and got a different set
>of syntax errors.  As far as I know, I followed all the instructions on
>both the ABDTEST patch and build a hernel how-tos.  Is there a problem with
>versions here?

I have noticed exactly the same thing - config doesn't like the new logical
or syntax (it is new, isn't it?).  I thought it must be that my config
binary was out of sync, so I re-compiled that, but no joy.

Did somebody fail to check in a critical file...?


[Cc:ed to current users because I don't think this is a mac68k problem]

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