Subject: Bad block --> corrupted file - Help Needed!
To: current users <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Paul Goyette <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/01/1996 00:03:51
OK, here's what happened...  I developed a bad block right smack in the 
middle of /usr/src, so I rebooted and, using my favorite Mac-side disk 
utility (FWB Hard Disk Took Kit) I remapped the block.

MacBSD still thought the block was bad, though, and complained mightily 
while I was running fsck -f on the disk.  Unfazed, I told it to go ahead 
and do every thing that fsck said it needed to do.  As far as I could 
tell, it succeeded in putting my drive back in order, although there were 
many pieces of the fs that ended up in lost+found.

Now, along comes the daily cron job, and it tells me that I have a new 
device inode in my file system!  Yep - wouldn't you know it, it's right 
where the file corruption occurred.  What's worse, it doesn't seem to be 
possible to delete or rename this file, which currently has the name that 
should be assigned to a valid part of the source tree:

pgoyette:gnu {34}  ls -i -o -l usr.bin
124519 c-ws--x---  1 2880088746  2863311530  uchg,opaque,schg 190,  12 
May  9  1957 usr.bin

I'd like to be able to at least move this monster out of my way so I can 
resup the missing section of the source tree, assuming, of course, that 
the supfileserv stops timing out :)

So, any suggestions, anyone?