Subject: Re: 2940 & netbsd-current
To: None <>
From: Greg Earle <earle@isolar.Tujunga.CA.US>
List: current-users
Date: 03/30/1996 13:21:58
>> You don't *have* *to* buy Adaptec cards and use the buggy driver.
>> There *are* other controllers that are just as good.  I've been
>> incredibly satisfied with both of my BusLogic (EISA and PCI) controllers.
> As you have said _many_ times.  However...
> I already _have_ an Adaptec, I'm quite happy with it, and the bugs can
> be fixed.  I see no reason to rip on Adaptec (and my choices) as you
> have done so many times.  A lemming?  Really ...

Indeed.  Someday Mr. Van Loon will have spent enough time in the Real World
to find out about things like "supported configurations" and "government
procurements", etc.

When the group I work for 2 days a week at JPL asked me for my recommendations
for a new PC, I told them.  I don't recall making a SCSI card recommendation
specifically; I might have said "please buy a BusLogic or an NCR-based card".
I might have said "Get a SCSI card".  Whatever.

Point being that said system arrived and it was a P120 instead of the then
fastest extant P133.  It had an IDE ATAPI CD-ROM drive (still not supported
in the main NetBSD tree) and I asked for a SCSI CD-ROM drive.  It had the
Adaptec 2940 - which at the time had *no* NetBSD driver at all - and not a
"supported" one.  And a SoundBlaster AWE32 which wasn't really supported at
the time, either.

When I asked why so many things were different than what I recommended, I was
told that they got the best machine that JPL's Just-In-Time procurement folks
could get.  I was also told "that's what was on the ``supported list''".  I
had NO control over the fact that it contains an Adaptec 2940 in it.

In short, not everybody has a NetBSD PC at home.  And not everybody that has
one at work controls what hardware comes in the thing.  Please think harder
before accusing people of being "Adaptec lemmings".

	- Greg